This Improvement

I am almost finished with Core 6000, 280 cards left, and I am done with this one. The way I was reviewing is a little different from what you might expect. I had the word in Kana on the front, and Kanji, the translations along with the sentences on the back, but without audio. This comes down to having reviewed more than 5000 cards so far. I can now say that it is logic, but what this did was rather unexpected. Kana represent Mora, and when I listen to something, this is all my brain gets to work with. Instead of reviewing Kanji to Kana and sentences plus audio, and instead reviewing the other way around but without audio, my listening comprehension sky-rocketed! No joke.

This is why I will continue until the end the deck is reached. Meaning all the other parts, except the edict sentences, because I am surely not going to review 17.000 additional cards. Not that I haven’t considered doing it but this would be overkill. I guess that the end of the Core Plus deck will also mark the end of working with decks. It just has to end at one point, even though there are literally tens of thousands of words, and information that could be reviewed. But reviewing and creating new decks simply for the purpose of learning has to end at some point. Creating decks and cards, even with the help of special tools, takes time. Time, that is better spend with real media, such as the Nikkei Trendy Podcasts to name one that I am currently listening to.

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