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「フェイスパスポート」って何?ビデオで見てみよう! *笑う*

Motivation Where Art Thou?

One of my strong points is self motivation, which I have to thank my father and mother for, who taught me how important it is. Sometimes even the look out of my window can be a motivation to keep working at something, no matter how difficult, but sometimes it takes more to keep going. Even though I managed to look at the world in a more positive way, seeing all the good things that happen out there, the negative factors still have an influence on me. All the injustices that happen, the corruption, the politicians that work into their own pockets, instead of looking at the well-being of the whole country. In this respect, my country is the epitome of corruption, and there is no way out of it. I wish there was a way to change all this, knowing very well, that nothing will change, and most of those who dare to speak up are shut down. What is looking like paradise from the outside, is a mess inside, and this is Austria in the heart of Europe right there for you.

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Hide It

There are numerous ways to review facts with Anki. For active recall a so-called cloze-deletion card is ideal. This is the type of card where certain parts are closed out with brackets. Another way is to change colors of parts of a sentence you try to recall. But what about books? You know the old paper things covered with dust on your bookshelf, like the multi-volume Encyclopedia you bought but never touched. The ones you got for a high price just to make the impression of being smart to your visitors. Yes, there are ways to review in much the same way as with the SRS, too.

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One More

Before going to read away in my Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, I want to share another resource that should be useful for those beginning to learn Japanese. At 怪盗ねこぴ which means mysterious cat pi, in case you got curious. There you will find animated cartoons, free games, books, reading material, books you can read by yourself, or get read to you if this is what you want, and general learning material for geography, culture, language, current hot topics such as 菅さんの次の首相もやっぱり原発? among other things. Many things you will find there, among which are some of the books, are written in Kana. I just mention it in case you haven’t learned your Kanji yet. And in that case, get Rikaisama which is an add-on for Firefox. I am sure you will find something interesting there. And for me it is high time now to go back to my grammar book. Have fun while discovering all the treasures on the website!

Core Mortuus Est – Vivat Core

I didn’t believe in chiromancy, hand reading, or signs until now. But when I read the same message on several different places, even on a Japanese blog, it got me to think seriously about it. The message was: “Things people are talking about doing, seldom become reality”. And there is truth in this. Instead of talking about doing things, one should do the things first and talk about them at length later. Reading some of the things I was planning to do, and what I actually did, there is a noticeable gap. There is also a difference between making some loose plans, working thorough Core10K, or Kanji in Context, or read this or that website.

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The other day I found some interesting Japanese language tests. They contain all you would find on the JLPT, replacing kanji with kana, read texts and fill in the blanks, read a book summary and answer questions, write your own answers to some questions, analyze statistical data, correct placement of names on an envelope, and many other questions. There is more than one .pdf there, 国語A,B is what you have to look for, so I link to the search results at 国立教育政策研究所 website. Don’t forget to time yourself while taking the tests. Good luck!


It is counterproductive while trying to learn one language, to spend too much time in others, such as English, Spanish, and lately also Afrikaans. There aren’t that many webistes that I visit on a regular basis in either of the aforementioned languages. The ones I do visit are time-killers. Time is an important good and too precious to waste.

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