Thats Why I Hate Japan

This title might offend visitors who discover my blog and happen to live in Japan. But please don’t feel offended by it. お願いします! The reason for choosing this title is whenever I visit websites and watch videos, they contain offensive material that should be prohibited, that is f-o-o-d. Every time I watch one of those I get so hungry, that I want to catch the next plane to Japan, to be able to bury my teeth into one of those delicacies myself. Really! It is unbearable sometimes. And on top of that it causes me to become hungry, in the middle of the night, while nothing is in my refrigerator, and no snacks to fill in the time between breakfast and lunch.

Watch the following video for instance, but before you do, listen to my word of advice. Don’t watch this while you are hungry.

It contains everything that I hate about Japan, interesting locations, wonderful food, and I can’t be there, now. I should just learn to keep away from videos and blogs containing food, pictures of food, people eating food, and anything related to food. At least not before I haven’t eaten a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Which, in my case, is breaklunchdinner because I only eat once per day. This is related to a time when I could only effort to buy food once per day, this has changed, not so my habit of eating only once per day. While I am at it, here is another video, this one is funny, all about food, beautiful landscapes, more food, and a crazy host.

Have fun, watching the videos, and once again, Don’t watch any of this while being hungry! I warned you, so don’t blame me. And if you dare to, follow this link. I hope you are very hungry while you do! It is safe in case you are, I swear!


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