The Third Dimension

I love everything 3D, movies, animations, modeling, you name it. 3D modeling is an on and off hobby in my life. The very first time I came in touch with 3D in general, was at the age of 9 or 10, while I was visiting my local bookstore. I can still see the scene in front of my minds eye. I was standing in front of the large bookshelfs, leaving through some of the computer related books, without anyone paying any attention to me. Except the one other customer, who, as soon as he noticed that I was about to take a CG / CAD related book to the cashier, told me the following. “Do you really want to buy this book? This is way too complicated for a person of your age, it would be better if you take another. This is surely nothing for you.”

I didn’t pay any attention to this man, and got my parents to buy this book, which they did. Back in the day, all I did was fooling around with the models on the floppy diskette that came with the book, and trying to model the Enterprise by following one of the tutorials. This was in the good old days of the Commodore 64. Since then, various 3D modeling applications where my companions throughout most of the rest of my life, until late 2009. Between then and now I did nothing even remotely connected with 3D. Yesterday I was talking to someone about 3D, graphic design, and photography in general. During the discussion I started looking around the Autodesk website, to find out more about their current product line of superb 3D modeling and animation software.

In short, my interest in modeling came back immediately, and I downloaded the 2012 trial version. 2013 is already on sale, but for the sake of having tutorials, and videos, and a full documentation available online, I choose to download the 2012 version. Lucky for me, it installed everything in Japanese, even though the version I downloaded was saying English. I guess this has to do with the fact that my environment is set to Japanese. This of course makes it complicated to work productively with Maya. Many menues are clear, and thanks to my previous experience with the English version, I find my way around. But to be able to do more complex things, other than extruding, bridging, selecting and moving vertices and other such basic activities, I would have to start learning from the ground up.

This is perfect of course! From now on I have 30 days left, no, 29 since I installed the trial already, to study the help files, the tutorials, the menus, and everything else and see how far I will come with it. And on the 30th day, I will either remove it completely to continue my Japanese studies, or I am going to buy the license for it. The price is very high, which can be expected from a world-class producer of 3D animation and rendering software, but I am more than willing to pay their price. If only for the purpose of connection one thing I love with another that I love even more, Japanese and 3D-modeling in Japanese.

Now it is time to go back to my manual. Which, in case you want to read it yourself, can be found here.

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