The Number of the Beast

Today I made a full backup of my Wired Marker .SQL database. It contains all the words, and some parts of sentences, marked during my reading sessions. The very first entry was created on 08.08.2011, and the last one from this database from three days ago, and guess how many entries are in this bugger? 400? Because I was so lazy and didn’t read much? Maybe 2000? Since you might at least give me the credit of a doubt that I actually read and marked some words? Or maybe 7000, as true reader this is still nothing, but at least something to start with? Either is wrong. Hold your breaths everyone! Between the first and the last entry I collected 24349 words. Most of them unique according to an .sql query, and since I was also marking larger parts of sentences, those parts also contain some additional words, which I would guess would add a significant number of additional entries. But let’s not count beans here, 24349 in 7 months is incredible, at least I think it is. It means that I have actually done much more when it comes to reading than I ever expected.

The question is what will happen to this overwhelmingly large amount of vocabulary. I must confess that I don’t want to sort through it, add it to Anki to review it all it would take months … On the other hand, I don’t want to let it rot away on the disk, as it is useful. So, what do to with it? My best guess is that I will export the vocabulary and source tables to a .csv remove all the doubles from words that I learned from other sources, re-export it to .xml, open it with Firefox, add Japanese definitions, and import them to Anki along with the original sentence from whatever source I obtained the word originally. Looks like I am going to be quite busy with it, 24+x words, oh well. What has to be done has to be done.

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