Let’s Listen

Hello, Dear reader! Do you remember the last soccer world cup? Vuvuzelas all over the place, which made it impossible to listen to the commentators for even a short amount of time, without risking a major headache. Luckily the TV stations started to filter the noise which allowed the audience in front of the screen to actually enjoy the spectacle. Videos taken in front of a life audience, with noise in the background, a talking crowd of people, and on top of it all shouting children. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course! Because this is real life right there for you. And as we all know there are no noise filters, no sound improvement techniques, just unfiltered noise our brain has to deal with. This makes the task of listening to a speaker and trying to understand very difficult, too. Take the following video as an example.

This video has a length of 15 minutes, and guess how much I understood! Everything, because I am so well trained to listen to exactly that sort of videos, that even the noise is no problem to understand every last word the speaker says! You don’t believe me? Rightly so … It is an utter lie … All I got was the occasional word or at best one sentence or maybe to in a row. If i had to rate the amount of the content I didn’t of what the speaker is saying on a scale between 0 and 100%, an honest estimation is 88 to 94%. At most I got some short sentences in the later part, or words in between, really nothing to make heads and tails out of what he is explaining or talking about overall, but it is a start.

The estimated amount of 6% are a whole lot if you look at it this way. This is what I can honestly say was understood. Understanding in the sense of getting the meaning of the stuff my ears caught. On the other hand getting only fragments, and under the assumption that this video contains words I have never heard of before, which is very likely, this is nothing at all. As I already said, it solely depends on the way you look at it. And at the moment I tend to look at it from the “… It is a whole lot …” point of view. Eventually, this meager amount will grow to maybe 12% at first, and to 50% over time next. Sooner or later I will hopefully reach a stage where 100% comprehension of this mumbo-jumbo of noises and voices is reached. Which means tons of headches while listening to more such videos. Hopefully it will pay out, but I guess it will.

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