[Release] 完全マスター3級文法 Spreadsheet

The last four or five days I’ve been working through the book mainly to work on my weak grammar. The outcome is a spreadsheet you can obtain by clicking on the following link for the .xlsx version I also wanted to create a tab-seperated version of it but that didn’t work, so you would have to convert it yourself, if you know any good tool that does it. I find that by working with spreadsheets, instead of decks, there is a better chance of retaining the information and it is easier to look up things. To work with spreadsheets is an idea from some other blogger who was passing the JLPT 1 without problems, offering detailed explanations how to most effectively use excel for learning Japanese grammar and vocabulary. Sadly I can’t find the bookmark to the website on my notebook, which means it must be on stored on the PC, and the PC is on repair right now, so I can’t give you the link for it. I eventually found that persons blog by typing in something along those lines of “failed JLPT,” or “failed JLPT 1,” so you might find it via google search with one of the keywords.

My next target is to work through どんなときどう使う500 to create spreadsheets for all the grammar points in there up to L2 or even L1. Which can’t hurt but will take a little while. For now I keep reading through all the grammar points in order from N-5 finished N-4 half-finished and so on. I want to be finished reading the book by the end of May. And I want to get done with the spreadsheets by the end of June. By that time I also hope to be finished with the CORE-PLUS decks CORE6000, only 2350 cards away from it, and the JLPT vocab up to N1. I am already finished with CORE2000 part, and some other parts taken from textbook sources, among them An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, and 扉 spelled とびら. From then on I am planning to focus on the 新完全マスター2級 grammar book which I will also create a spreadsheet for in some way or other.

One response to “[Release] 完全マスター3級文法 Spreadsheet

  1. Hi. I was wondering if you could re-upload the 3kyuu spreadsheet. It doesn’t seem to exist on the server any more. Maybe you can place it in the dropbox location you used for some of your lateest files. Thanks! By the way, I love your site!

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