More Learning Materials

Today I am going to share with two resources that I find can be very useful for beginners to even advanced students of the Japanese language. The one is a website called 子供の日本語ライブラリ which contains videos, learning materials such as vocabulary lists with roughly 1,000 items well formatted, topically arranged, and formatted as .pdf file, Grammar, Kanji lists and worksheets, Flashcards, teaching materials and many other things. I haven’t been checking everything that can be found under the teaching section, so you might or might not find free material in other categories than the サイトオリジナル as well, just browse through the list. You can find the teaching materials if you click on 基本検索 and then 教材. On the following page you have to click on サイトオリジナル which is almost at the bottom of the page. All the other materials, most of all of which are free can be found by clicking on one of the other categories displayed after clicking on 基本検索. All material is in Japanese, so it would be better to know at least a little Japanese, to find your way around the website, and to make use of the material.

The other resource you will find utmost useful is a blog I am following, which belongs to Tokkosann “This is Japan/いまのにほん” He has put in a lot of work to scan or photograph the cover pages of a Japanese newspaper! どうもありがとございました! As we all know there are various tools that makes our lives easier, Rikaisama to name just one, that allows us to read and what we don’t know we just hover over and get a translation for. But the real test is to be able to read without it. I’ve written something about it in one of my other articles. It was something along the lines of “…I am now reading advertisements and other things that I find via Google picture search, to see if I am actually able to read it without any tools…” So you should definitely make use of the scans Tokkosann offers to train your reading skills.

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