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Final Fight

Yesterday I finally finished the 日本語総まとめ2級 漢字、語彙 and 文法 books. This not only marks the end of this part of my journey, but also the beginning for a yet another, which I will write about in more detail later on. But before I do that, I have something for my followers old and new, love you guys! I will release my deck which contains all vocabulary from the 漢字 and 語彙 books as well as the example sentences and of course all grammar points with detailed explanations from the 文法 book. You can choose from any of the following variants.

★ The whole deck (Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar)
★ Vocabulary
★ Kanji
★ Grammar
★ A mix of those decks

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An Experiment

During a break in today’s study session I had the idea for an experiment. I will call it “Parallel Listening” for the lack of a better name for it. The idea behind this experiment is to improve the understanding of Japanese, by having an English track silently translating what has been said in the background.

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Time Goes By

At this time next week I will be finished with my remaining 日本語総まとめ2級 books. 3 months will have gone by since I started learning with those books, and I will have 4,500+ cards in my deck, which will gradually mature. And there is also the corePlus deck which I started learning with around the same time. I haven’t come very far with this deck yet. According to the statistics I have seen 1880 cards in 2.7 months. Winter has gone by, early signs of spring have become visible, and my interest in the language grew deeper. Not too far in the future the end of my second year of learning the language will be reached. Time really has gone by fast.

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More Learning Materials

Today I am going to share with two resources that I find can be very useful for beginners to even advanced students of the Japanese language. The one is a website called 子供の日本語ライブラリ which contains videos, learning materials such as vocabulary lists with roughly 1,000 items well formatted, topically arranged, and formatted as .pdf file, Grammar, Kanji lists and worksheets, Flashcards, teaching materials and many other things. I haven’t been checking everything that can be found under the teaching section, so you might or might not find free material in other categories than the サイトオリジナル as well, just browse through the list. You can find the teaching materials if you click on 基本検索 and then 教材. On the following page you have to click on サイトオリジナル which is almost at the bottom of the page. All the other materials, most of all of which are free can be found by clicking on one of the other categories displayed after clicking on 基本検索. All material is in Japanese, so it would be better to know at least a little Japanese, to find your way around the website, and to make use of the material.

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For the Early Bird

As the saying goes, 早起きの鳥は虫を捕らえる。 早起きは三文の得。 [はやおきはさんもんのとく] or in English “The early bird catches the worm.” So, the following resources are for the early risers among my readers and followers.

1. 「マルチメディア・インターネット辞典」
2. U-Antiq-Time
3. On-The-Time
4. Virtual Matrix Time Machine