Japanese Online Radio Stations

It might sound like a rather easy task. Finding an Online Japanese Radio Station you can listen to, how difficult can it be? Rather difficult! I’ve been looking all over the net to find a station that allows listeners from abroad to listen to a station. It is easy to find the websites, but most of the stations allow you to listen to only from within Japan, and only after you signed up with them. Of course, there are radio stations out there, that don’t require you to sign up. But even those websites and stations are often not available outside Japan. How lucky we are! My search has come to an end now, and so has yours. I found a website that lists a good number of stations you can listen to. Surf to Simulradio.jp choose a station, Strg+right-click on the play button, copy the url from your browser to VLC or any other media player, and enjoy.

4 responses to “Japanese Online Radio Stations

  1. Try Tunein.com. They have a good selection of Japanese radio stations, also they have apps on all the major(ipod, droid(maybe), blackberry)/

  2. blacktortoise2x, 小生のありふれたブログにようこそ!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking your time to share another source. I was aware of the existence of Tunein.com but it doesn’t seem to work for me. 残念だ … Every station I’ve been trying to listen to so far was unavailable and I have been trying to listen to them numerous times.

    Maybe it is just a problem on my side, and it works for others, which means bad luck for me? Anyway, thanks again for sharing it, maybe it works for others!


  3. Hello,

    It’s not just you. I have the same problems with Japanese radio via Tunein. The message “streaming not available” comes up with almost all stations. The ones that work often aren’t that interesting to me.

    By contrast, if I listen to Korean stations via Tunein, they almost always seem to work. I think the same restrictions on Japanese streaming radio apply to Tunein.

    Japanese copyright/media laws are particularly strict for live content (try watching Japanese sports news outside Japan, they often have to block live footage), so it makes it extra challenging to get streaming content. Podcasts are available and some are pretty good (e.g. ニッポン放送), but streaming radio offers some advantages.

  4. Welcome!

    Yes, it is difficult to view live content other than news, which is rather sad. On the one hand I can understand why most of the content is limited to Japan. But since it is on the web, it could be put on sale and made available to foreign paying customers, which is not going to happen.

    This is were the real life is meeting the web reality. Borders exist, where there don’t necessarily have to be any. I, for one, would gladly be willing to pay for access to live content even if it costs more, it would be worth it.

    Meantime I stick to free content, or ustream, and other sources, for which Japanese people stream live content. 🙂

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