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Don’t Innovate – Parrot

The telephone rang, 電話が鳴った, hello, HELLO?! もしもし、もしもし?! hello, HELLO?! もしもし、もしもし?! is all the person on the other side of the line is getting to hear. The person must have had the pleasure to talk to a parrot, can you believe it! Now you might wonder what this article is all about. It is not about animals, it is about you, and how you can make your life easier when holding a conversation. The way it is is that you are probably trying to memorize dozens of set expressions, that you might or might not be using in the near future, in actual conversations. But what is with all the things that you yourself might want to say? One way to deal with this problem is to think hard and say what you are going to say hoping that it was correct and understood.

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1 Down 3 To Go

I made it! Another book of the 日本語総まとめ2級 series is history, the reading one. A fun book to learn with. I enjoyed the way it presented the reading material, and I was able to learn quite a bit from it, so it was a good investment. The reading passages are solely written in Japanese, with only a few explanations and words here and there, translated into English. This means that I now have even more time to enjoy with so called ‘real Japanese.’ Judging from how far I made it already, and how comparably easy reading has become now, I have little to worry about the JLPT. Grammar, however, is a different story, which will take a bit longer. Currently I am reading and trying to apply what I am learning in my Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar. That is, as long it’s no outdated grammar or is considered as such. In other words grammar I can’t find being used in the wild by Japanese people on blogs, or in real life conversations.

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Japanese Online Radio Stations

It might sound like a rather easy task. Finding an Online Japanese Radio Station you can listen to, how difficult can it be? Rather difficult! I’ve been looking all over the net to find a station that allows listeners from abroad to listen to a station. It is easy to find the websites, but most of the stations allow you to listen to only from within Japan, and only after you signed up with them. Of course, there are radio stations out there, that don’t require you to sign up. But even those websites and stations are often not available outside Japan. How lucky we are! My search has come to an end now, and so has yours. I found a website that lists a good number of stations you can listen to. Surf to choose a station, Strg+right-click on the play button, copy the url from your browser to VLC or any other media player, and enjoy.

Exploration and Discoveries

Japanese people are not only very friendly, but also forgiving when a foreigner is trying to use their language abilities and making mistakes. I have made this experience numerous times now. For instance when I was trying to answer questions at a message board I signed up a while ago. Still, conversation is not one of my favorite activities, just because I still feel that I have to grow in the language, to be taken serious as a now almost 34 year old, and until I can express all my feelings and thoughts naturally without much thinking.

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