[JLPT 2] December

3 weeks ago I made an inquiry to find out about the cost and when the JLPT will be held. Yesterday the answer finally came in. It is only offered once per year, in December, and that they could not tell me how much it will cost, but that there will be a course to prepare for the test. This means that I could wait, or travel to London, France, or Italy, and take it this summer. It all depends on my health situation, whether or not I can travel at all. So it might be safer not to sign up, pay money for tickets, and a hotel and instead accept that I have to wait until December and take it in my own country.

My health is more important than this test … Vienna is not around the corner either, some 280 km/s away from me, but it is within reach. I can be there in less than two hours depending on the traffic, thus don’t have to stay there overnight, and no additional cost. But even a two hour drive can cause severe health issues … The only thing I can hope for is to be an a shape that allows me to take it. And in my case this is hard to predict. The good thing is that there is still time to see how my health situation will develop until the deadline to sign up for the test and until the test is held.

If only I were healthy … Do you posses a healthy body you want to get rid of, dear Reader? Or do you know someone who might be willing to part with it? If so, contact me! Age, should be 20 or close to, sex doesn’t matter, as long as I am going to be good looking and, what’s more important, healthy … j/k

2 responses to “[JLPT 2] December

  1. how long have you been studying? I am also keeping a blog but mine is basically to force myself to write in Japanese everyday. がんばってね!!

  2. 小生のブログへようこそ!

    Let me first say that I really like your approach of writing an entry in your blog in Japanese everyday. Keep it up and enjoy the praises you receive for your incredible Japanese skills while it lasts. 🙂

    I started learning Japanese almost 2 years ago in April 2010 with Genki I. Between June and October I have taken some breaks, started with RTK and finished it in January last year. In late February I seriously started studying Japanese every day up to this day.

    I was focusing at input and not so much on output so far, but I finally started with it some weeks ago, by posting on a Japanese bulleting-board. I am understood, and no one has suggested to ban me for raping the language the way I do, a good sign. And I consider MY Japanese to be REALLY bad *笑*.


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