[JLPT 2] Week 4

Last week was terrbile. My father was hospitalized with the diagnosis of heart flutters. Untreated this could have led to a stroke … I was worried sick about him, but eventually he got better in the last couple of days, and he was released from the hospital on Tuesday. The reason for all this was medication he got prescribed from a doctor 3 years ago. Since he has to take other medication it caused this problem … But now everything is alright and I am reliefed that he is getting better now. What a relief!

That’s the reason why I am only at week 4 instead of week 5 in my 日本語総まとめ2級 books. That I am now in my fourth week also means that I reached my first milestone yesterday! My 聴解 book is hirstory! I am already looking forward to reach my next milestone in 2 weeks. By that time I will have finished the 読解 book. Since I now have one less book to work with, I will start mining it for vocabulary, sentences and dialogues.

I didn’t do this up to now, because it was too much work, considering the amount of data from the 漢字、語彙 and 文法 books. Right now is also the perfect time to dive into another book with which I plan to prepare myself for the big test にほんご500問. Since this is also structured in a way that allows for working on a set of questions per day, it will be the perfect replacement until I am done with all the other books. I think it is a 6 week course, and this might cause some overlap, once I start with either the 完全マスター or the 実力アップ!日本語能力試験 books.

Maybe I am going to work with both series of books, now that I am so used it from with the 日本語総まとめ books. For now I will only solve past papers, until I am done with them, and until I start with the new books. Until the time I have finished them there is enough time to make a final decision which ones it will be.

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