Another Learning Tool

Hello, Dear Reader! I hope you had a pleasant time during Christmas with all your friends and families. I sure had! But now, that the holidays are over, it is back to the books in my case, to learn for the JLPT. But this, of course, is not the topic I am going to write today. Instead I am going to introduce a Plug-In for Firefox which is called Web Developer You are surely going to scratch your head right now, asking yourself, how is this going to help in learning Japanese? And here comes the answer.

If you are surfing on the net, you can manipulate the code of a website. You could write a code, which then allows you to create a pop-up when you hover over a word written in Kanji, to see its Kana version. This, of course, is only one option. You could also go and say, I want to have grammar information for this part of the text on a website, or information about particles displayed, when I hover over it with the mouse. In this case you will most likely write a piece of code to retrieve the information from a grammar database, or some other resource on your own PC, Laptop, Mac, etc.

Another possible way to incorporate this tool is to write code, that allows you to import parts of websites to Anki, from a database with all sorts of information you would want to keep, but are too lazy to add by yourself, how about that? The possibilities are virtually limitless, the only thing you have to know, is how to write .html, .php code etc. I mainly use it to replace text, to add pop-up information, and some other things I am working on right now. I am probably also going to release my tools to the public once they are working like they should.

I hope this tool will be as much a help to you as it is for me. If you have any ideas, or if you would like to share your own work, please leave a comment and tell the world about it. You might help other readers to get an idea of what they can do with just a little knowledge, time and effort put into coding stuff.

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