The Core

Yesterday I decided to up my vocabulary bit by bit with the CORE Plus Deck. This is a deck for Anki which is freely available for download. It contains 25656 cards, and I am planning to study 20 cards per day, and see how far this will get me. This is not a challenge or anything. I just thought I could do a little more besides working parallely with the 5 総まとめ books to increase my chances of passing the 2級 next year. 20 cards per day are easily doable, and it takes less than 5 minutes, so its perfect for doing it on the side.

Until I have finished preparing for the 2級, and before having taken the test, it doesn’t make much sense to up the workload. After the test I will increas the number of cards to study to 120 or 150 cards per day. Depending what I am up to until then, and what else I am going to work with, until I know whether or not I passed the test. With only 20 cards per day it would take 3 years, and it isn’t very likely that I am going to study a deck for this long, even though its a great workout.

The most likely thing that will happen is that I am going to study up to core 6k and then abandon the deck. Which, as far as I am concerned, will take less than 50 days with an amount of 120 cards per day. I’ll decide about that when I am ready do. For now I will just do it without planning too far ahead or thinking about it too much. And now its back to my books to work through todays lessons. If you’ll excuse me, dear Reader.

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