[JLPT 2] Week 1

The first week is over, and today I have taken my first practice tests, in the 総まとめ2級 books. In this one week I learned Kanji readings 音・訓 for 80 Kanji, 226 kanji words, 177 vocabulary words, 62 grammar points, and an additional set of vocabulary which I can’t tell the exact number of, because those are stemming from my reading and listening books. My first plan was to SRS all books, but then decided that 漢字、語彙、文法 are enough for now. Every other day I did the short exercises, and my results were more or less good, depending on the topic and how well I learned the material. My overall scores for each individual day were not bad, but I could have done better.

In today’s 漢字、語彙、文法、読解 practice tests, I was able to score 56, 76, 36, and 60 points for each. Since I did the listening comprehension test two days ago, because there were only 4 days in week 1 and day 5 was reserved for a small test, I scored 81 pts. Adding it to the other 4 sections, I have a total score of 309 points. Not bad for the first week, and not enough to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses yet. This will have to wait until I am done with all the books to be able to see where I am at and where I need to improve.

For each section there was a set time limit of 15 minutes. In the end I had 22 minutes left to review some of my answers and correct them. This is a lot of time, given the number of questions to read and to answer, and for the fact that I wasn’t just guessing but honestly trying to answer them. I am trying to improve my speed, because the more time I have left on the real test, the more time I can spend reviewing and correcting my answers.

My strengths so far seem to be Kanji, Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension. Grammar is not my strong point right now, especially sentential grammar, which is part of the new test. I definitely have to improve on that, and I know exactly what I have to do for it, in order to improve. It is one thing to know what a grammar point means, when it is used, and how the rules for forming it are. This is good to know for reading and comprehending what someone says, but only by writing my own sentences, and actually trying to use them as often as possible, will make this question type a breeze.

I would summarize this week as a total success. I developed a working routine for adding cards to Anki, and added a view Logitech G-19 scripts, for some functions such as convert Reading to Kana, copy&paste, refreshing the card browser and so on. I was able to improve the way I add grammar points, which in part has to do with the way the book presents them, but I also think that this improvement has a lot to do with AIAIJ as well. Comparing both books wouldn’t be fair, because the one has plenty of information about the grammar points, while the other doesn’t provide even one.

Having no explanation is no problem, thanks to my Dictionaries of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Japanese Grammar. But it would be a problem, if I wouldn’t also own どんなときどう使う日本語表現分型500 辞典 N1-N5, which luckily arrived last week. This book, without a fail, contains exactly the information I need for some of the grammar points in the 総まとめ books, that aren’t even contained in one of the Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar. Luckily there is also renshuu.org” in case there is no information in one of my other books.

Well, this is my report for the first week, and as a bonus for this week, I have uploaded a “JLPT wallpaper” which is decorating my desktop right now. I also have five others besides them, with the counter moving around, symbolizing the time that has gone by since I started learning. Once it is full, it means that the day has finally come, where I am going to take the big test. If you like it, download or share it, so you too have something to remind you of our goal “Ace the JLPT2級 or Bust.”

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