AIAIJ is History

I finally finished An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese! I learned around 180 grammar points, added 670 cards to my grammar deck, and found my new love, learning grammar. I only learned a handful of new words from the book, but a lot more, from adding Japanese definitions for words in sentences. It was worth to work with this book, and I am glad that I can move on. Before I start learning for the JLPT 2, a good weeks rest is well deserved, to regain energy and to enjoy Japanese without any formal studies in mind.

My plan is to read as much as I can in this one week. This is by far the most interesting acitivty for me right now. Reading to acquire new vocabulary, to increase my reading speed, and to learn new things is my goal. Right now I am reading a book called トレジャー・ハンター which is a horror novel, short stories by H. P. Lovecraft, ナルニア物語, today I finished chapter 1 of book 1, 1 short newspaper article, one full length magazine article, school websites, etc. I will do this every day now. Once I begin working with my JLPT books, the amount of reading, listening, and finally writing at lang-8, or mixi, vs. formal studying will be 30-70.

There are more than 6 months time to prepare myself, so I mustn’t necessarly be finished with the books in 2 months. If it takes 3 months, there is still more than enough time, in case I want to work through the then remaining books. I know that I can very well work through all my books, and learn everything way faster than in 2 or 3 months. But now is not the time to run another marathon as I did with KO.2001 or RTK. Sometimes going slower and step down a bit is better. For now I will enjoy my week off, and from next week onward, I will keep a log about my progress. So long, dear Reader. (^^♪

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