A Funny Coincidence

Today I was looking for a random blog to read a bit. I was clicking through a blog list, and decided to read one from far back in the list, around the upper 750s with very ow hits. It gave me a good chance to review grammar as well as learning new vocabulary and expressions. I quickly became to hold an interest in this blog and its writer. After some pages I came to the conclusion that the author must still be in school or university and is working part time in a shop. That was when I remembered a discussion started by tnall over a month ago over at forum.koohii.com It doesn’t seem to be customary in Japan to talk to sales clerks as a customer in Japan.

It is usual in my country to address a shop clerk by saying “Guten Morgen,” or “Guten Tag,” or even “Hallo,” and hold a small-talk with them from time to time. I couldn’t imagine how it would be not to greet them, or to say something nice to them, because theirs is not the easiest job. But I digress. Today I found out how a typical, and in this case very funny, conversation between a clerk and a customer in Japan must be like. *笑う*




If you are looking for something funny or interesting to read but can’t find anything, why don’t you pay the following website a visit, and go on a hunt for some hidden treasure? In case you find something interesting, I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line, and share it with me!

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