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An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

I almost reached the end of this book, which I been learning grammar with, for the past 17 or 18 days. Currently I am working on chapter 13, which leaves only 2, and I am done. And thank god I am! This must have been the longest days of my life, no joking! Coming fresh from KO.2001 and jumping right back into AIAIJ, I thought I could work through it in one week. I thought that because I have been able to type in hundreds of sentences and vocabulary cards, that this would be an even faster process, and I would be done with it in no time. Obviously I was not able to do that.

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The Road to 日本語能力試験2級

Today, I finally received my books with which I am going to prepare myself for the JLPT 2級 which I am planning to take next year. And not a moment too soon. Before I start learning with any of the following books,

実アップN2 文のルール (文字、語彙、文の文法)
実アップN2 聞く (聴解)
新完全マスタN2 (文法)
新完全マスタN2 (読解)
日本語総まとめN2 (all books)


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Slow and Steady

My newest adventure consists of learning Japanese grammar. Before beginning with grammar, using An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese and Dictionaries of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Japanese Grammar, I was planning to learn two chapters per day. But I ended up working through one chapter every second day. I have to admit, that it had to do with the slow process involved in adding cards and typing in sentences, that caused me to push off learning for the day.

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A Funny Coincidence

Today I was looking for a random blog to read a bit. I was clicking through a blog list, and decided to read one from far back in the list, around the upper 750s with very ow hits. It gave me a good chance to review grammar as well as learning new vocabulary and expressions. I quickly became to hold an interest in this blog and its writer. After some pages I came to the conclusion that the author must still be in school or university and is working part time in a shop. That was when I remembered a discussion started by tnall over a month ago over at It doesn’t seem to be customary in Japan to talk to sales clerks as a customer in Japan.

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Today I was reviewing my new grammar cards for the first time. After I sat down with my notebook and a delicious cuppa coffee, the first thing I did was to open my deck to review it. When the first card was shown I became doubts. This can’t work, there is something missing, I have to change the layout of my cards or else I fail with my grammar cards a fourth time. Instead of simply reviewing it, and check my answers against the marked green parts of my card, I opened the deck browser to create so called cloze-delete cards. This is a sort of fill in the blank cards, with one part in the sentence missing, that you are going to test. It hasn’t taken very long, and the new cloze-delete deck was finished, and ready to review. I opened the deck, reviewed the first couple of cards, and saw that this was not going to work for me.

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Grammar Cards

Today I am going to write about my third attempt to create a grammar deck. Until yesterday I wasn’t too sure that it would work this time. When I started today, I first wiped most of the sentence cards I created two days ago, except those containing grammar points. I already had the grammar information on the remaining 15 or 16 sentences cards, so there was nothing more to do for the time being. Before I could begin entering example sentences from the main part of Lesson 1, there were still two questions that needed an answer.

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Beyond Kanji Odyssey

A few days ago I finished Kanji Odyssey! Thank you CosCom, for your great product, it is really worth every cent! After a day of rest, reviews, and reading, it is time to go back to the books and work on grammar, particles, and the acquisition of more vocabulary. Yesterday I began mining An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese without putting much thought into what I really want to have in my SRS. I was typing everything in. Dialogues, sentences from the reading sections, speed reading sentences, and grammar information.

I got tired of this after Lesson 1. It was not effective, and I didn’t want to review individual sentences from dialogues, that I already know. When I want to read, I can read it in the book, so I stopped. When I was done with it, I probably had 200 something cards in my new deck. I will remove most of them. Later on I took a sheet of paper, a pen, and wrote down some ideas how to approach the material, and what I really want to have in my SRS.

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