Bad Day

Dear Reader, today was really not my day. I got up between midnight and 1:00 o’clock, did my reviews as usual, but I was really not in the mood for anything. I went back to bed, trying to sleep some more, but couldn’t. I stood up, drank an espresso, and turned on my PC. I thought that adding cards while watching Anime would make me feel better. Adding cards was very slow, or felt that way, not that it really was. 140 sentence and vocabulary were all I could get done, and doing reviews that were due, in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Today I had an appointment for eating out in a nearby Japanese restaurant. Normally something I would look forward to, but not today. I hated the idea of going there, but since it was an appointment made 2 weeks ago, so I couldn’t cancel it. Then, when I finally felt a bit better and in a better mood, the person I was planning to go to the restaurant forgot that we agreed to go there. Instead we went to drink a coffee. I was tired, and then this, I really could have jumped the person in the face for it.

On top of it all I was reading an article about Челябинск. This is a place that many scientists consider to be the most contaminated spot on our planet. I first found out about this place some years ago. When I first heard about it, I was reading an article in National Geographic magazine, while waiting to see my doctor. I was reading more about it when I got home, and also found a documentation, that really shocked me. You can find out more about it on the website of LOGin Productions and watch the documentation in full length but be prepared that this is hard to digest. In the article I was reading, the author compares Chelyabinsk with the 福島 accident. If you want to read it, please click on this link.

The only thing that can somehow be seen as being positive is the fact that I could read and understand the full article linked above.Now, that I have done most reviews, I will sleep for some hours to forget this day as fast as possible. And I hope that, when I get up, I will have totally forgotten about today. I hope your day is better than mine, and that it remains that way!

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