KO.2001 – Forgetfulness

I have learned everything up to frame 605. It becomes increasingly harder to remember so many new words per day. Not that I am surprised about it, as this is nothing new. I just have to keep at it like I did with RTK and KO.2001 Level1. Forgetting is normal, and in my case a sure sign that my exposure to the language has to increase even more, but the day only has so many hours. So, what else is new? I told you about my reading adventures with ムーミン谷の彗星. I read in it every day now, right after doing my reviews, adding new cards, watching Anime, or reading around the web. At first I could only read 2 pages in 3 hours, now I am slowly increasing this by 5 pages in 4 1/2 hours. Today I was able to read 7 in 8 hours. Seems more than it was, because I took many breaks in between, and also kept writing out vocabulary. I have to do this, because many words are written in Kana, and I have to convert it to their Kanji form.

Once they are in Kanji it goes: “Oh, yes! That’s what it means!” Then again, there are words that make sense in Kana alone, without the need of converting them. But for the sake of having them in Kanji form, I convert them, copy the words into my browser for a quick lookup with Rikaisama to check their meanings, and copy the results back into my vocabulary list, for later use in my decks. What I will do to improve my speed, is to write down only words, and look them up after I read some pages. Naturally, it is convenient to have a digital copy to look things up online, with Rikai. It is also good to have sentences, that I can later add to my deck. The deck is structured in the same way as my current KO.2001 one. The only thing that will be missing is audio, and of course translations into English.

Speaking of English translations. I thought it would be a good idea to have an English copy of the book for parallel reading. To check my understanding with it, and to have some sort of help, in case I get stuck. The idea as such was good, but … The English translation differs greatly from the Japanese one, so it is hardly of any use for this purpose. Some passages are alike, but most are different, for instance the passage where Moomin enters the forest. In the English version there is a strange monkey throwing things at Moomin and Snufkin. Not so in the Japanese version. Or maybe I just didn’t spot the word 猿 in between the lines. Even though it is not as useful as I thought, it was a bargain for only 4,58€ as digital copy. Maybe its even good that it isn’t a 1:1 thing, or else I could get lazy, and I don’t want to be. I could also try to get a Swedish copy of the book, and see how the differences are between it, and the Japanese version. I expect that it will come closer to the Japanese version than the English one. As I can read and understand Swedish, it would hardly make any difference for the purpose I am using it.

One thing is certain, whatever I do or don’t do. Tomorrow is another day, I will forget some Kanji, remember many others instead, and I will learn many more words by reading and adding new words and sentences to my deck. I will also keep on reading, and I will improve on my methods. The only thing I wish that was different right now, is that the voice of the speakers could be the same ones as in KO.2001 Level1. To look on the bright side of it, the new voices are annoying, so it will be a pleasure to finish Level2 as soon as possible. But where there is light, there is also always shadows. And the shadow will be that even if I finish this level in record-breaking time, I still have to keep up with my reviews. I could turn down the sound, so that I don’t have to listen to the voices which I will probably do anyway. But the voices will remain the same. Unless I can get around to add some bass-levels with Audacity, and make some other changes, to improve them.

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