Ko.2001 All on Board! We Set Sails!

Dear Reader, today … no, yesterday, I went back on board the S.S. Kanji Odyssey 2001, to travel to new and yet unknown islands, somewhere in the Kanji sea. It seemed like a slow start, the engines were running, but I hardly made any progress. While standing at the railing, looking over the azure-blue sea, I promised myself not to add Kanji numbers on my cards again. This is an unnecessary step, so I will cut it out, but … Three sentence cards later, I went back, to add all the Kanji numbers because they belong on my cards. 5 hours, 3 reviews, and 150 sentence and vocab cards later, on our cruise in a north-north-eastern direction, I decided to stop adding new cards for the day. I was too annoyed from the new voices the Captain hired, reading the sentences on the computer for me. Really, what has Captain CosCom thought, when he hired them, I ask you? The good thing was that the sun was still shining, it was a pleasant day, so I decided to start reading books!

As my goal was to read four pages per day from now on, and this book seemed to be easy enough for me to read, I decided to sneak into the ship’s library to purloin ムーミン谷の彗星. When I started to read, I quickly noticed the main problem coming up again, the vocabulary. But thanks to the ship’s computer, some Word files for both sentences and vocabulary were quickly created, and an Excel chart to measure my progress, my reading adventure could start. From the four pages I was planning to read, I was only able to read two, only because the Captain was harnessing the crew around, so I had to hide the book every time one of the men was approaching. I only started to read this book. And I expected it wouldn’t be so easy. But when I have more time, and fewer men sneaking around in the next couple of days, I will surely be able to read more and more. And those parts I could read and understand without a second thought were real funny. With スニフ, who is always exaggerating, and all the others.

I hope you will come on board and accompany me on this trip into uncharted waters!

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