Writing Emails in Japanese

I was feeling a little down after having had to fail 10 cards in my deck yesterday. Yes, I know how stupid this sounds, feeling down just over some failed cards. Maybe I still felt a bit worn out, and eventually I had a headache and both came together. When I was done with the last review session of the day, I connected to the net with nothing special to look for in mind.

While I was surfing, I remembered a book someone suggested in a very old thread at forum.koohii.com, called Writing Emails in Japanese. As I am planning to work on my output alongside working with KO this book just seemed to be right for me. I found it, got it, and started reading it. The fun part comes now. When I opened the book, and started reading it, I didn’t even notice it. I read the Introduction which began with the words 日本語でEメールを書く時、難しいと思うのはどんなことですか。 and so on and so forth. While reading I was looking up some unknown words, but kept on reading until I was too tired to go on, which happened at around 1:20 at night on page 18.

This is nothing out of the ordinary you might say, while you read this passage, but here it comes. I was reading page after page, and only after I stopped reading, and some minutes after I shut down my PC it came to me. I didn’t even notice that all I was reading, from the Index, the Introduction, the How-to-Use pages and the first few pages of the main text, it was all in Japanese. I really couldn’t believe that I was reading a book in Japanese the whole time, and actually was able to understand the meaning and everything! Except those few words I had to look up.

I wonder how it was possible that I didn’t notice this in the first place. If it wouldn’t have happend to me, I would hardly believe it, but it did happen. This was the motivation that let me say to myself, today is my last day off, and tomorrow I will continue with KO.2001 Level 2. I am really looking forward to typing in sentences again. Or maybe, but let’s say I do, for motivation sake. *笑う*

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