Taking a Break

I decided to take a little break of at least a few days before I continue working on KO.2001. Two days ago I got done with Level 1, and the day after that I woke up with a bad headache, and I felt totally depleted. I did my reviews, but not much else besides that, reading, listening to anything, or watching Anime. Because I was feeling a little better today, I started reading some articles about ネヴァーウィンター・ナイツ, Dungeons & Dragons and 宇宙英雄ペリー・ローダン. This was both fun and interesting. Perry Rhodan is my favorite SCI-FI comic! If you start reading it, you will have enough to read to last for a lifetime. There are at least over 40 years worth of comics, books, and other material to catch up with.

The day after tomorrow I will go back to KO.2001 to begin with Level 2. From that day onward, I will begin reading Kometen kommer ムーミン谷の彗星. You might wonder what the Swedish does on the cover of the book, but it is there. This book has 249 pages so there is enough for me to read for quite some time now. While I read, I will add all unknown words to a Word or Excel file, to look them up. I don’t plan to create Anki decks for the books right now, maybe some day, but not right now. I always do this when reading books in a foreign language. My last file was for an old English novel written by Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre. It contained words that I haven’t seen before, and not even some of the biggest English monolingual thesaurus had a definition for. The only difference will be, that I will most likely not be able to look up and understand the meaning of the words I find, in a monolingual Japanese dictionary. At least not yet. But I will try anyway.

Two days rest, and some more sleep, and I will be fit for the next 555 Kanji. じゃまた!

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