Ko.2001 The 23rd Day

Yesterday I made some changes to the way Anki is handling reviews. If you read my last article, you know what I am talking about. It was published about a half hour before the 79 cards were due. I must confess that I was really looking forward to this review. After those cards were out of the way, I started adding new cards, 92 in all. This is not much compared to the numbers of cards added in the last two weeks but it takes less time than ever before. This is really a huge improvement compared to the times when I was adding new ones and doing reviews before going to bed.

The whole process feels more dynamic, and both reviewing and adding cards are fun, and something I am looking forward to. I guess what makes me wanting to do reviews now is that there are always smaller numbers of cards. After every review they are pushed away into the future, some shorther and some further, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is that the numbers of cards due within 24 hours isn’t getting too high. From my experience 300 cards after 24 hours are doable. And this number was the maximum so far, 320 cards, which has taken around 1h 20min. The usual numbers were 250 and not once below 180 cards.

It didn’t matter how many cards were added, but the numbers were still important. They kept me from finding out what my limit daily limit is, and how much material I am able to handle. With the new system there simply is no real limit in numbers when adding cards. Even if I miss out a day, the maximum number of cards will be blow 200 or only slightly above. This involves reviewing more often per day which should be no problem. I have all the time in the world to do it.

What I wasn’t expecting is that the number of cards going into my deck would decrease. There were some days were only about that many cards have were added. Compared to last week with 150 cards, this is not that much, but there seems to be no real reason for it. It can’t be the lack of time, or the reviews in between adding news cards, or the reviews at the end of a session. Maybe it is the 24 hour rhythm I was so used to, and the high numbers of reviews coming up, that is holding me back from adding more cards now. I really don’t know but I will find out what it is. Because now there is no reason to hold myself back anymore.

Be it as it may, I get more done, or at least it feels like that and time goes by fast. Right now there are 1435 cards in my deck, with every card seen at least once. The cards in my deck are only numbers, but those numbers and the words that make them up, enable me to read more and more material. It shows that it really pays off putting in the extra effort to add cards oneself, as opposed to simply ask someone for an already existing deck.

Next time I will write about my progress with Kanji Odyssey, I hope to have reached frame 250 or even 300. But I don’t expect this will happen before the end of next week but who knows? All I know is that once the 555 goal is reached, I will release this deck, to support the learners of the Japanese language out there. Before you get too excited, here is one word of advice. I will release this deck but I will ask for a proof of ownership. If you don’t have it you will not get access to the material. Coscom deserves to get paid for their products, period. So look forward to it, dear reader, and wish me luck in my endeavour to get things done as soon as possible.

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