Ko.2001 Day 18 New Frontiers

Dear reader, this is day 16 of my journey and I have made good progress again. I broke the 1000 card barrier and now have 1018 cards in my deck. *やった* I am now at kanji 156 and started at 130. 25 kanji really feels as if it is nothing. No limit was reached today that caused me to stop adding cards. I simply stopped at kanji 156 the reviews coming up in mind. One member over at forum-koohii once used a method to counter this problem. If it can be seen as a problem at all. He used to do reviews for 10 minutes, got X amount of cards out of his way, and started adding Y amount of new cards to his decks. This way he could go on for 100 kanji or more at a time. It all takes time, and time is an important constant in the equation, as far as learning goes.

More cards doesn’t mean it will get more difficult. And at least I don’t have a problem with high amounts of cards due. And there is nothing to worry about forgetting what I added or something of that nature. The important thing is to have enough time to read around the Internet, or in a book or Manga that is likely to contain learned vocabulary, or watch native media. This is more important than large amounts of sentences or words in your average Anki deck. Watching Anime while adding cards is possible. Lucky that I got two 24 inch monitors so I can have one running an Anime in while adding cards, and this way catch some words, phrases and lately more and more of the content without really paying full attention. But reading is more important when it comes to reviews outside the SRS and with content written by natives. I will give it a shoot one of these days and add as many cards as possible without imposing any limits upon myself. There is always a stop button, and holding myself back does not do anything.

Today there was one sentence that was particularly funny. サルやゴリラの社会についての本を読んだ。私の会社に似ている。 It so reminded me of my own work way back when. I likened the tasks given to me when I transferred to a new department with a monkey who gets his banana for pressing the correct button. *笑う* There are more sentences like this in KO.2001 making it worthwhile to add cards when one comes up. I really look forward seeing this sentence some times even if it means having to press hard while its an easy sentence. Just because. As far as reviews go I have dropped the production part, other than saying the sentence, understand it without trying to translate and look up the answer. This takes 10 seconds at most, sentence cards are often takes a bit longer, but no more than 20 seconds for very long ones. Otherwise it would take forever to do 10 cards let alone 140! Practice makes perfect, yes. But I would have to learn Stenography in Japanese to pull it off without being 60 years old and still not see the end of it.

My next goal is frame 200 in 2 or 3 days. Oh! That reminds me that I will reach the first goal soon! 178 cards. It will surely take another day to get there but it is something to look forward to. And while I work on reaching that goal, I will keep watching 赤ずきんチャチャ episodes. So far I am 15 episodes into this one and I can’t believe how this girl makes it to survive all the perils she gets herself and her two friends into all the time. If you can spare some time watch it. That is all for today, I wish you good luck in your own studies, dear Reader. 頑張ろう!

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