Another Day Another Review

From yesterday until today I did nothing but reviews. My original plan was to add cards, but I started watching an Anime episode. After one came the next, the day went by, and no new cards went into my deck. The Anime was 赤ずきんチャチャ Red Riding Hood Chacha in English. This is really a one of a kind Anime, hilarious how this little witch gets in trouble, when she tries to summon a spell. In the first two or three minutes, she is together with her master, the worlds greatest magician. She is trying to enchant flower pedals and turning them into 雲 clouds and instead she summons 蜘蛛 spiders. This happens all the time because of similar sounding words. So even if I was not adding any new cards I learned something and had fun. Tomorrow I will start adding cards again and keep watching this Anime. I wonder what will happen to her next. At least I hope to be able to add some … It is really no fun trying to learn when the 温度計 [おんどけい] thermometer is standing at 31°C. And tomorrow it will be 35°C according to the weather report. I am so not looking forward to this. On the bright side of things one or two days not adding cards does not hurt and helps lowering the numbers of cards.

2 responses to “Another Day Another Review

  1. 寒暖計 <- more popular 😡 It has a "(P)" tag in Rikai-san at least…

    Greets, T.

  2. Hello Tori,

    This word was used on purpose and has nothing to do with popularity. 🙂


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