Ko.2001 Day 16

This is Day 16 of my trip to Kanji Odyssey town. I like my stay and begin to feel comfortable with the inhabitants of this place. It must be holiday, since there are still plenty of Kanji around, but soon they will leave and it becomes more quiet. Hard to sleep when they are partying! 130 kanji are covered and 855 cards are in my deck right now. Every other day I take a break and only do reviews. I used this time reading about KO.2001 over at forum-koohii.com lately, to watch Anime, read random websites or blogs, and enjoy myself.

After another break of three days I began adding new cards yesterday. While adding cards an Anime called 瓶詰妖精 [びんづめいようせい] was running in the background. In every episode four fairies くるる, ちりり, さらら and ほろろ who came from another world and are now living on the desk of their 先生 have adventures, or better misadventures, trying to learn about the human world. In every episode they find out about a different aspect of life. 雛祭り [ひなまつり] or girls day, celebrated on March 3rd, or 黄金週間 [おうごんしゅうかん] the Golden Week where the girls are embarking on a journey to discover the true meaning of it. The fairies want to become humans one day, but … I don’t want to spoil you. It is real funny so you should watch it.

I eventually got 25 Kanji done in all and a little over 152 new cards went into the deck and saw every episode of this Anime. The time it takes me to add so many cards gets shorter and shorter. In the beginning it has taken 5 hours now it takes roughly 3 or 4. I got into gear, so even 200 cards would have been possible if not more, but I had to stop myself. It makes no sense to add more cards and eventually drown into reviews. Reviews are going fast as well, because I stopped doing dictation for the moment. This way I can get 150 sentence and vocab cards done in about 30 minutes. My plan is to keep up with adding high numbers of cards every day without taking breaks in between. High number means no less than 150 cards but no more than 200. This is not because I want to get it done fast, risking to loose time for reading or watching Anime, but because I know my limits. This is no race and running does not get me there first. If doing something faster instead of going at a reasonable pace would be foolish.

Today is another day and I need some sleep. I am curious what will happen next in Kanji Odyssey town. This is a place everything can happen. But fear not, dear Reader, I will let you know.

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