Ko.2001 Day 10

Adding sentences and vocabulary sometimes feels tedious. There is a missing sense of accomplishment right now, and a feel that I don’t make any progress at all. This is not true of course but i just can’t help feeling this way. I had to skip one or two days because real life got into my way, so I only did reviews during these days, so it’s officially only 6 not 10 days since starting KO.2001. The numbers of cards in my deck are rapidly growing nevertheless. 337 vocabulary cards and 190 sentence cards are in my deck and 80 of 555 kanji are done. One thing I noticed is that the more cards I add the easier it is to remember words and words in sentences. I haven’t tested my upper limit of adding cards yet. The highest number of cards was 151 on my second day and the lowest 51 some days later. Consistency is more important but I want to see how much I can get out of the way without hurting recognition.

It clearly shows that doing KO.2001 instead of Kanji in Context was the better choice for learning large amounts of vocabulary. The reason for this is that it’s easier to memorize words and meanings when the translation is consistent. Open up a book, find a word, look up the meaning given by the book, open up another, and do the same. You will see that one book translates it different from the next. I am not talking about different meanings for a single word, but different translations of the same word, that has the same meaning. I think I read a post from someone written over at forum-koohii.com about this. He was memorizing the words 2日 or something similar. And he had a hard time to remember that it was 2nd day of a month. From his books he learned it means two days. I learned this meaning early on with Genki, too. Only after doing AIAIJ or maybe Kanji in Context, I found the translation “the second (day of a month).” for it. Actually Kanji in Context presents both 2nd day of a month and the second as possible translation. Now imagine having learned from different books different meanings, which sums up and pollutes your brain-space with unnecessary translations for one and the same word, which you are likely never need to know in the first place.

My retention rate is high as ever, and my complaint are sentences, that are simply too difficult in terms of vocabulary. There are sentences that I know will get an easy rating, but three kanji and 4 example sentences later, KO throws this at me. 私は経営コンサルタントだ。お客さんの会社の経営を客観的に分析する。 This roughly translates to “I’m a management consultant. I am analyzing my clients business management objectively.” Sentences like these come as a real surprise because they contain words that at least I would consider being hard to remember. 分析 for one. In this case I add the word in hiragana in angle brackets next to it. Cards like these are rated hard and dragged along until they are becoming easier. Since there is a large amount of words to learn it would be overkill to fail the cards until they stick. I only fail vocabulary cards and I had to do this with only a handful according to my status.

While adding cards I watch Anime such as アタックNo.1, 「咲-Saki-」, 光の伝説, ロミオの青い空, マーメイドメロディー ぴちぴちピッチ ピュア and others. Mermaid Melody is very easy to understand but I don’t like it. I only name it here because it could help someone looking for an easy Anime to watch it. Other then that I keep reading a light novel called ゴシック and various articles over at Tokipro website. What I like so much about this website is that it has heaploads of articles about cultural and country specific topics as well as life in general. Perfect for learning something about the country and learning the language.

The next big thing waiting in line will be working on the JLPT. The last thing I will be using textbooks for to learn the grammar and eventually also the vocabulary for this test. As for my other books, I think they will be sold, because I can’t see myself doing any of them. Since they are not worth keeping without planning to use them, and taking into consideration that it would be a waste to have them lying around collecting dust, it is better to sell them. With the money I can buy real books, or DVD, Blu-Ray, or even collectibles. Or the money will be put on the side until I find something worth buying.

This is all for now, back to KO.2001 to add some more sentences, because if I don’t do it then who will?

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