Kanji Odyssey

Day 5, Stardate 2011, Kanji Galaxy, Planet KO.2001.65A ahead. Plot a standard orbit, Mister Chekov, and take me in. It will be an Odyssey to cartograph the whole planet, but we are doing our best to make it as quickly as possible, Captain. Jim, why don’t you take a little rest, you are looking so worn out. No time to rest, Scotty, with so much work.

I reached day 5, Kanji number 65 of 555 in Level 1, and a little over 400 cards are in my deck. Luckily most of the cards are easy so they are out of the way after the first or second review. Punctum saliens, this is my second RTK, and a real Odyssey. It is worth doing it, it is easy to break the adding down to a fixed amount of Kanji, preventing potential burnout due to large amounts of reviews, and it allows making short-term goals. I want to reach Kanji 278 before my new books arrive, which hopefully happens half way or 8 weeks from now. I also hope to be able to finish Level 1 within 4 or 5 months. This should be feasible, and it gives me enough time, to consider my next steps.

Here are pictures of the books on the way from Japan, and I only post them, to make you a little jealous.

This is all for now, because I must to go back to KO.2001 to kill 20 hostile Kanji, that are roaming this sector of the galaxy. I also want to my daily gymnastic routine, another new activity that entered my life, after starting to learn Japanese. And now I really have to go, or else nothing will get done. Live long and prosper, dear Reader! And if you see 漢字 shoot, before they shoot you!

2 responses to “Kanji Odyssey

  1. I wonder how difficult Narnia is to read in Japanese. I tried once in German but totally screwed up lol

  2. Even if it is hard to read I would still do it. Because if I only read what seems to be easy, or shall we say appropriate to my level, it would not get me anywhere. By just reading as much as I can, and trying to understand as much of it as possible, it will become easier. There simply is no point in waiting for the magic moment to occur when I feel it’s time to read this and that in Japanese. The choice is to wait and learn until the moment comes to feel ready for it, or to jump into the cold water head first, without “fear” of not understanding something. And that is exactly what I do.

    I have had a chance to read one or two pages of Narnia, and as far as I can tell, the beginning isn’t too difficult or anything. I have read the Narnia series in English and German only, and I watched the TV episodes many times. Do you know them? I also once read one volume of the Mumins in Swedish, and saw the episodes on TV in both German and Swedish way back when. To tell the truth, I didn’t like the voice actors, or the intro an outro song. And to tell you another truth, I still tear up, when I watch and listen to the Outro of the German version. 😉


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