Suppose you are reading a book, and there are words and sentences you cannot read, what would you do? Use a textmarker to highlight the text. When you are reading, use it whenever necessary, and continue. Don’t stop to look anything up in the middle of reading. When you have finished reading look up the information and re-read the text. This works perfect with written text. The good news is that there are also textmarkers for websites. The best tool I have found for this is Wired-Marker.

You can see three words that I didn’t know in this passage, not really worth the trouble of deciding then and there, if the words are worth keeping and putting them into the SRS or not. I was highlighting it and moved on to another website. Thanks to the database that keeps track of everything, it is easy to come back, and select what goes into the SRS. By using a combination of Wired-Marker and Rikaisan to look up words later on it doesn’t break the reading flow. If you find these tools useful, don’t forget to reward the authors, by sending some money their way. Speaking of which … 🙂

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