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Ko.2001 Day 28

I am adding cards every day since some days now and the numbers of cards in my deck has grown to 1688. Not bad for almost a month, if I do say so myself. It starts getting harder now to remember every word, and I started mixing up readings, しょう, しゅう, じょう and じゅう for instance. I guess this happens to everyone with at one point, so I should not worry about it too much. It helps to drag along and space out those cards instead of failing them many times. I space them out for 7 days at most, and if they still don’t stick, I fail them instantly. I should try to do this with hard cards as well. Having many cards due in 1 day because I rate them hard does nothing for my vocabulary retention. There is also no reason to waste time and get booged down on a handful of words, because they will come up so many times in the weeks and months to come, that they will start to stick.

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Ko.2001 The 23rd Day

Yesterday I made some changes to the way Anki is handling reviews. If you read my last article, you know what I am talking about. It was published about a half hour before the 79 cards were due. I must confess that I was really looking forward to this review. After those cards were out of the way, I started adding new cards, 92 in all. This is not much compared to the numbers of cards added in the last two weeks but it takes less time than ever before. This is really a huge improvement compared to the times when I was adding new ones and doing reviews before going to bed.

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Anki Card Scheduling

Sometimes there are problems that really exist. Sometimes, the problems are the product of one’s own actions, but there is always also a solution. Currently having to deal with the heat is a problem. Dealing with Anki Schedules is a problem that can be solved with a few clicks of a mouse-button. And today I will talk about a solution for dealing with high numbers of cards.

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Ko.2001 Day 18 New Frontiers

Dear reader, this is day 16 of my journey and I have made good progress again. I broke the 1000 card barrier and now have 1018 cards in my deck. *やった* I am now at kanji 156 and started at 130. 25 kanji really feels as if it is nothing. No limit was reached today that caused me to stop adding cards. I simply stopped at kanji 156 the reviews coming up in mind. One member over at forum-koohii once used a method to counter this problem. If it can be seen as a problem at all. He used to do reviews for 10 minutes, got X amount of cards out of his way, and started adding Y amount of new cards to his decks. This way he could go on for 100 kanji or more at a time. It all takes time, and time is an important constant in the equation, as far as learning goes.

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Another Day Another Review

From yesterday until today I did nothing but reviews. My original plan was to add cards, but I started watching an Anime episode. After one came the next, the day went by, and no new cards went into my deck. The Anime was 赤ずきんチャチャ Red Riding Hood Chacha in English. This is really a one of a kind Anime, hilarious how this little witch gets in trouble, when she tries to summon a spell. In the first two or three minutes, she is together with her master, the worlds greatest magician. She is trying to enchant flower pedals and turning them into 雲 clouds and instead she summons 蜘蛛 spiders. This happens all the time because of similar sounding words. So even if I was not adding any new cards I learned something and had fun. Tomorrow I will start adding cards again and keep watching this Anime. I wonder what will happen to her next. At least I hope to be able to add some … It is really no fun trying to learn when the 温度計 [おんどけい] thermometer is standing at 31°C. And tomorrow it will be 35°C according to the weather report. I am so not looking forward to this. On the bright side of things one or two days not adding cards does not hurt and helps lowering the numbers of cards.

Ko.2001 Day 16

This is Day 16 of my trip to Kanji Odyssey town. I like my stay and begin to feel comfortable with the inhabitants of this place. It must be holiday, since there are still plenty of Kanji around, but soon they will leave and it becomes more quiet. Hard to sleep when they are partying! 130 kanji are covered and 855 cards are in my deck right now. Every other day I take a break and only do reviews. I used this time reading about KO.2001 over at lately, to watch Anime, read random websites or blogs, and enjoy myself.

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KO.2001 Reviews

The Lernaean Hydra was raised by Hera to kill Heracles. Heracles went to the swamp the Hydra was dwelling, and confronted the beast in its own habitat. He started cutting off one head and realized that two grew back. Only one of the heads of the Hydra was immortal and this was its weakness. Heracles was not able to kill the beast on his own so he called his nephew Iolaos for help. He came up with the idea to cauterize the stumps once a head was cut off. Both went to confront the Hydra. Heracles slew the heads off and Iolaos cauterized the stumps. Hera didn’t like what she saw, so she brought another beast into battle, when she noticed that Heracles and Iolaos could win the battle. The crab she summoned got no chance against the hero, and Heracles was finally able to seperate the immortal head of the Hydra from its body, with the golden sword he received from Athena.

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