Learning Tip

I would like to share a tip with you today about how to learn vocabulary.

From top to bottom you can see the Expression, the Meaning in English, the word in Hiragana, the Kanji, and the 音読み on 訓読み reading. Nothing out of the ordinary, but wait, every one of my cards i have added so far, has all this information. When I do my reviews, i have either the Expression on the front, and the rest on the back, or the Meaning, and the rest of the information on the flip-side of the cards. And here is how to ease memorizing vocabulary.

Since every card has the 音読み and 訓読み information, and one of the Kanji in the Expression field is always also present, i did the following. I altered the information a bit, so that it now looks like this.

In this layout, only one reading in the 訓読み field is present, which matches the reading for the Kanji in the Expression field. How is this of any help? It reinforces the reading for the Kanji, depending on the layout of the cards, when you do your reviews. And you can set it up in several ways to help you memorize vocabulary, when you are testing Japanese to English. You can have both 読み fields on the front of the card, and get a display of the reading, which should help you to reinforce the reading, and how to read the word. If you don’t want this hint to be present all the time, you can change the color of the 読み fields to white. It should speed up your reviews considerably when you do recognition cards.

I hope that this little tip helps you in your vocabulary study as well. If you have any comments, suggestions, or anything else you wish to tell me, please leave a comment.

2 responses to “Learning Tip

  1. ね、流れ星さん!

    Hey! Sorry for not having written for such a long time, but I was busy rescuing my little world here. I have summer holidays now (3 weeks left) and concentrate as much as possible on finishing core6k finally and listening as much as possible.
    I find it really brave you dare trying “Kanji in Context” since it’s a huge load and lots of people were desperate about it – and gave up. So far, you did Genki 1, 2 and AITIJ, right? Or haven’t you finished the latter one?
    With me, I finished Genki 1, 2 and went through All about Particles meanwhile, now almost finishing the Kanzen Master JLPT3 anki deck. Next step of mine will be examining Kanzen Master JLPT2 in anki and doing a bit for my production skills with the Tae Kim deck (though, I will exclude the simple “basic” tag, I think.. too much of work and a hassle).
    I don’t know exactly how familiar you are with Anki, but I can tell you once your deck grows Eng->Jap on the cards will be hellishly difficult. I’d rather recommend you doing it the other way around, since if you learn lots of passive vocabs, slowly active vocabulary will grow and grow, steadily along.
    Concerning your plan of JLPT1 – I must be honest, that sounds a bit too “off” and irrealistic. I think with JLPT2 you would aim better, Nagareboshi. Though, just an impression of me. I don’t dare evaluating and rating your skills, yet mine are so bad, especially in listening.

    If I can give you a tip: sign in at lang-8.com. It will boost your writing. I actually like writing and reading most and had lately my first experience chatting with a 27 years old Japanese woman for over an hour on skype without interruptions or the usage of a dictionary! 😮

    Regards from the hellishly autumn-like north. What happened in Norway just astonishes me. May the victims rest in peace and their murderer be condemnd. RIP


  2. Hello Tori!

    I have not finished AIAIJ yet. I’m working on the sentences, and finished translating chapter 4 today. Yes, so far i have finished Genki I, Genki I, have made it to lesson 6 of 15 of AIAIJ, analyzed and translated most of all of the sentences from chapters 1 to 4, finished reading An Introduction to Japanese Grammar and Syntax, Making sense of Japanese, and reaching level 2 of Kanji in Context. Besides that i also started reading Chronicles of Narnia book I.

    When i do my reps in Anki, i test both ways, E-J, J-E at the moment. I know perfectly well, that it is a huge undertaking, going through the book. But the 9.000 words should be worth the effort. So far i have around 3400 single vocabulary cards, and i think i do quite well with them, with the majority being tested E-J. As far as English goes, i wish to get rid of it、i just don’t know how – with vocabulary cards. Any suggestions are welcome.

    I don’t plan to take JLPT 1 next year. This is just something i have written to motivate myself, to study even harder, towards a higher goal. My trouble spot is grammar, but I’m working on it. By creating grammar cards, adding definitions from DOB|I|AJG for those points i have actively studied, i nail the information down.

    Next year at around this time i will see how far i got. And I will decide what the most likely course in terms of JLPT will be. I wish you good luck with your studies!

    Regards from likewise cold Austria

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