The Future is Now

Dear reader, in my last article i have written about my plans in the near future. Today I write about what has changed since that article was published. The future is now, and i don’t have all the time in the world, to lay off plans to the near or distant future. When I can do the things right now i will do exactly that.

A short while ago, i decided to give Kanji in Context a try, in the way I did RTK. I was grabbing the book, a sheet of paper, and started writing down the Kanji, the 音読み and 訓読み, the word, and it’s English translation. It took 25 minutes to write down 35 words, plus the extra information, which equals 6 kanji introduced in the book. Taking into account that the book has actually close to 9000 words, i figured that it would take forever to finish it. So i decided to simply add the information to my flash-cards. So far i have 139 cards and the majority of them is rather easy.

This is how the cards are set up.

Doing this now required from me to make some changes to my schedule. So far I have only been doing sentences from An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, watching Anime, and reading for some time. Now I’m doing my regular reviews in Anki, work on the sentences from AIAIJ for two hours, add some frames to my Kanji in Context deck, and started reading ナルニア国物語1 The Chronicles of Narnia. The English books have been one of my favorites since i was young. And since the reading level isn’t too high, i can follow the general storyline pretty well. But i cannot read without looking up grammar, and also the meaning of words, but this doesn’t matter. With time i will be able to read without any help of other sources.

As it seems this will be the last change I’m willing to make for a long time. The last change that may occur is that I will remove English from my vocab cards bit by bit. When I understand a word in Japanese, i understand the word and know what it means, and i don’t need the translation anymore. I can’t let go of English altogether, it’s just too early for that. I have to have a translation for the sentences in AIAIJ, to have something to measure my current understanding against. And it makes it possible to see what is currently there and to come up with possibly better translations. I can’t say that my translations are perfect, they are decent at best, and enough for me.

I will let you know how things go, dear reader, and I will keep you updated on my errors, mistakes, little and big successes.

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