Uncle Mike Needs YOU!

A little earlier today, or in the middle of the night to be precise, i had the opportunity to talk to Michiel Kamermans, the author of the book An Introduction to Japanese – Syntax, Grammar & Language. You can buy it here. While we were talking about this and that, i asked him, if he would write a follow up book. Containing more advanced grammar. He said he would write another book, though not about intermediate or advanced Japanese grammar. He told me that his next book would teach kanji and vocabulary. But before this can happen, there is still some work to do, having to do with Kanji.

He asked me if i would like to help out, and i agreed to it, because i would love to see a book about vocab and grammar. Although, when it is done, it probably wont be of much use to me anymore, but you newer know. The project he was asking for help, has to do with breaking down kanji into parts, and form new kanji with them. Before i tell you something that is not correct, i just link you to the project page, and you can read more about it, and how you can participate. There is still a lot to do, 1.500 kanji are processed, and another 2.000 are waiting to get done. So if you feel you want to help him out, go to this page, and start working. Mr. Kamermans offers his great book for free, so you can show a little support, helping him to bring his new book on the way. So show a little support if you can spare some time, because Uncle Mike Needs YOU!

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