Still Alive

Dear reader, so much as being going on in my life the last couple of weeks, that have kept me from writing any new entries. And for some time, I haven’t even been able to work on the review of げんき 2. Had the reasons for this been any better, I would not hesitate to share them with you, but I don’t feel that such things belong here. All I can say is that things have come back to normal a short while ago, and now it is about high time to let you know, what is going on.

On last weeks Saturday I have finished my review of the last chapter in げんき 2. * The first time around I had quite some trouble getting anything done in a timely manner. Not being able to remember the vocabulary, not being able to follow and speak along the dialogues, and not being good at doing the 練習 [れんしゅう] exercises, were killing my motivation. It also seemed to me, that everything is taking an eternity to get done, which in retrospect was not all that bad. Now I’m just glad that i have finished this book, and that I can move on to An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese.

In the next couple of days, I will only do reviews of vocabulary, collect new powers for what’s lying ahead of me, and I will write some new articles about the following things:

  • Learning the ON readings with Mindmaps – An Introduction
  • About Grammar
  • Introducing a new section
  • Telling you more about my learning methods

In the hope that you didn’t abandon me, dear reader, I would like to invite you to suggest some articles, that would be of interest to you. If you have any, please leave a comment, and I will see what I can do.

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