Monthly Archives: May 2011

笠地蔵 The Folktale Kasajizou

Dear reader, today i will share a little story with you, which i have read for the first time today, while working through the back of げんき 1. It is called 笠地蔵 [かさじぞう] The Folktale of Kasajizo. First comes the Japanese original, which is followed by my more or less literal translation.  Continue reading

行ったり来たり Going back and Forth

Dear reader, in my last post I promised, I would write new articles about *pulls out cheat-sheet* Grammar, my learning methods, and other things. Today I will kill two birds with one stone. I will write one article about both things. But before I will start, let me explain to you, what the title means. 行ったり来たり [いったりきたり] means “going back and forth.” And this is exactly how I feel right now. Instead of moving forward to things overdue, i had to take a step back, to solve something causing me trouble lately. Continue reading

Still Alive

Dear reader, so much as being going on in my life the last couple of weeks, that have kept me from writing any new entries. And for some time, I haven’t even been able to work on the review of げんき 2. Had the reasons for this been any better, I would not hesitate to share them with you, but I don’t feel that such things belong here. All I can say is that things have come back to normal a short while ago, and now it is about high time to let you know, what is going on. Continue reading