Childhood memories

Dear reader, in one of my first articles i have written, that my first contact with Japanese Anime has been Sailor Moon. As it turns out this is not true and i wasn’t even aware that it is not. I have been watching Anime since my early childhood, in my native language of course, which is german. I found this out today, because i was searching for Nils Holgersson episodes on youtube and i thought by myself: “Hey, why don’t you look for the Japanese name of this Anime,” which is what i did. And by looking the name up via google i realized, that i was in fact watching Anime since i was a little child, contrary to what i have been writing in my other article.

The original title of this Anime is ニルスのふしぎな旅 (ニルスのふしぎなたび) Nils fantastic journey.

Another Anime from my childhood is 赤毛のアン (あかげのアン) Red-haired Anne or Anne of Green Gables.

Then there was 小さなバイキングビッケ(ちいさなバイキングビッケ) Little Viking Vicky.

And also 小公女セーラ (しょうこうじょサーラ) A little Princess Sara.

Not to forget スプーンおばさん Miss Pepperpot.

There was also シートン動物記 りすのバナー (シートンどうぶつきりすのバナー) Bannertail The Story of Grey Squirrel.

And last but not least ペリーヌ物語 (ぺりーヌものがたり) The story of Perrine.

These are probably only just a fraction of all the old Anime i was watching in my childhood. And all of those videos are bringing back many fond childhood memories. By watching these videos linked above, dear reader, i hope that you too will remember the good times, when you were a child.

4 responses to “Childhood memories

  1. Same dream here…. I love animes, too ….. and mangas. As proof, check out my sig name. (^__^)

    • ようこそrenxkyoko!

      It is great to know that you share the same goals and dreams! Make sure to follow your dreams, and to pursue your every goal, let no one stop you. I have already been paying a visit to your blog, which is quite interesting to read. And i will gladly check out your signature as well. I hope you will come back to see what’s new around here. 🙂


  2. Hey Nagareboshi!

    I did know that Nils Holgersson’s story was made/produced by Japanese, but i did not know there was a Japanese version of it, same with other “animes”, which were just called “Zeichentrickfilme” in German on different channels on TV.

    Nice collection 🙂

  3. Hi Tori!

    Nils Holgersson was actually a Co-Production of Apollo-Film Austria and Gakken Co. Tokio for ORF. (Oesterreichischer Rundfunk und Fernsehen).

    タオタオ絵本館 世界動物ばなし (タオタオえんほかんせかいどうぶつばなし) Tao-Tao and also ふしぎの国のアリス (ふしぎのくにのありす) Alice in Wonderland stems from a similar Co-Production between Japanese, German and Austrian TV studios. Maybe i will write a follow-up article, presenting more facts, giving it a more nostalgic flavor, and present more in-depth information. But then again, there is a book called The Anime Encyclopedia, we’ll see. 🙂

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