Monthly Archives: April 2011

Adventures in Japanese

Today the Adventures in Japanese books arrived, earlier than expected, thanks Amazon! I was curious how the books would be and got disappointed. Although the books are containing many interesting topics, easy explanations of all the grammar points, fun activities such as original Japanese card games, many cultural notes, as well as useful vocabulary, this series of books is not for me. It is targeted at high school students, and classroom use, as all the activities are tailored for groups. Continue reading

買い物 Shopping

Yesterday i was reading a blog owned by a member over at The person mentioned at his blog a book series called Basic Japanese by Tuttle Press. In his assessment of this book he mentioned that it is a rather good series of books for Japanese learners, because it has a clear structure, and gives detailed explanations of all the grammar points. Having nothing better to do, and feeling in the mood for some shopping, i went over to the Amazon website to see, what other customers had to say about these books. The reviews were overall positive, and i was convinced that these books would be a good addition, to my growing collection of Japanese learning resources. I was planning on buying only this series of books and nothing else. At least that was my original plan. Continue reading

Childhood memories

Dear reader, in one of my first articles i have written, that my first contact with Japanese Anime has been Sailor Moon. As it turns out this is not true and i wasn’t even aware that it is not. I have been watching Anime since my early childhood, in my native language of course, which is german. I found this out today, because i was searching for Nils Holgersson episodes on youtube and i thought by myself: “Hey, why don’t you look for the Japanese name of this Anime,” which is what i did. And by looking the name up via google i realized, that i was in fact watching Anime since i was a little child, contrary to what i have been writing in my other article. Continue reading



The day before yesterday, i was able to finish reading and working through げんき2 and the Workbook. This book is interesting and very easy to understand. It took about two month to finish it. To be able to finish it made me very happy! I still have to add all the grammar points of the last four chapters of the book to Evernote. Once this is done, i will work through all the chapters of the book a second time, before i move on to An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese. Continue reading