The Movies Method

If you are into PC gaming, you might have heard of this game, or maybe even had the chance to play it yourself. It is a game in which you can build your own Hollywood studio, write your own scripts, and create your own movies. So, what has this to do with learning Japanese, you ask me? And my answer is, it is yet another creative way, to add some fun to your learning experience. Since it’s not a new game, it should be rather cheap to get The Movies and its Add-On.

This game let’s you be the playwright, director, cutter, and actress of your own movie if you like. You can model your scenes, speak the dialogues yourself, you can record your movie, and export it for later editing and watching outside the game. If you write your scripts in Japanese, which should be very well possible, or at least speak your dialogues in Japanese and add subtitles in Japanese later on if it is not, you can really play with your knowledge in a fun environment. You will not even notice that you are learning, or applying, what you already know. And when you watch some of your old movies some months later, you will have a fun time, and you can see how far you have already come. Also you will have a fun time, watching them, depending on the genre you choose, and how good of an voice actor or actress you are.

If you like this idea, dear reader, and you are willing to give it a try, please upload your movies to youtube, once you are finished. I would love to see them!

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